Diamond push-up

The diamond push-up is an advanced variation of the push-up exercise performed with the hands in a diamond shape. It increases the challenge to the triceps, but also targets the chest and shoulders.


  1. Builds size and strength in the triceps
  2. Can be performed with hands in a triangle shape if the diamond is painful to the thumbs or wrists
  3. Can add pauses or manipulate tempo to increase difficulty
  4. Excellent triceps burnout if performed to failure

Diamond push-up Images


Diamond push-up Instructions

Diamond push-up muscle diagram
  1. Get in the modified push-up position on your knees but with your hands together and back flat. Spread your fingers so that your index fingers and thumbs form a diamond, and extend your arms. This is your start position.
  2. Allow your elbows to break, lowering your chest toward the floor while keeping your back flat.
  3. Press back up to full arm extension, repeating for the required number of reps.
  4. To make the movement more difficult, stay up on your toes rather than on your knees.